Née en Belgique, Annouck Dupont vit et travaille à Paris.
Elle suit une formation classique complète à l’Institut des Arts décoratifs à Bruxelles puis aux Beaux-Arts de Paris.
Sa passion pour la sculpture l’amène à se concentrer exclusivement sur ce medium exigeant.
A partir de la pièce originale sculptée en terre glaise,elle emmène ses oeuvres vers un bronze,une résine, une peintures chromées… selon son inspiration. Pionnière incontestable, Annouck Dupont utilise depuis plus de 20 ans, la technique virtuose du poly nickelé, portée à son sommet de reconnaissance par Jeff Koons et si caractéristique du Pop Art actuel.

Annouck Dupont joue avec ces matériaux lisses et miroitants – déjà chers à Brancusi et Jean Arp – pour animer ses figures héroïques modernes.
Ce système la conduit à une création très exclusive de quelques œuvres par an.

Annouck Dupont was born in Belgium. She lives and works in Paris.
She followed her studies at the Institute of Decorative Arts in Brussels and at the Beaux-Arts in Paris.
These two schools developed her passion for sculpture: “These different sculptures are certainly each part of me that expresses a common language and a message to life”.
She believes that imagination offers us all the possibilities of exploring continents connected to our spirits in the great myths of humanity.
From the original pie sculpture in gleize clay, she sculpts on bronze, polychrome resin, or chromed resin according to her inspiration.
For more than 25 years, Annouck Dupont used the virtuoso technique of nickel-plated polished bronze, that was recognized by Jeff Koons, and so characteristic of current Pop art
She plays with her glossy poly material to animate her modern heroic figures, a material considered as precious by Brancusi and Jean Arp.
This particularity leads to a very exclusive creation of some pieces only per year.
If Niki de Saint Phalle denounces the feminine stereotypes, Annouck puts them on stage to go beyond them.
Like the venus of Boticelli, Titien, and Manet crossing the centuries and the fantasies, the super heroines of Annouck Dupont refer to the classic cannon of beauty and the feminine ideal.
Perched on stiletto heels like warrior goddesses from Helmut Newton, their unfathomable face questions.
Each heroine has her story, her mystery, her power, a tattoo, a mask, wings, a black angel.
Ambivalence and absolute power of the feminine.
With its superheroes children, it is the absolute beauty of childhood that is looked at with tenderness.
Small confident faces sculpt with the sensitivity of a Greuze are the luminous face of our humanity, the one that launches into life, ready to resort to and repair all injustices.
Regularly exhibited in France and abroad.
Annouck Dupont is collected worldwide.